Websites Need Upkeep, The Haus Makes It Easy.

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages. I want you to focus on your business, let The Website Haus do the heavy lifting.

What kind of maintenance could a website need?

Websites need maintenance, monitoring, and upkeep to make sure that they are running at their best. This includes great hosting, keeping regular backups in case of emergency, making sure the back-end is up to date, and security to keep malware at bay.

Website Necessities.

Fast Hosting

This is where your website lives and can have huge impacts on your websites loading speeds and uptime.


Keeping your site safe and secure with SSL and Monitoring for breaches.


So that your site can be reverted back to a previous state if anything breaks unexpectedly.

Backend Updates

Technology behind the scenes needs to be kept up to date, everything about the internet is always updating, and you have to keep up with that to reduce security risks and ensure that your website doesn't break or become unusable.
Best part? All of this starts at 39/m for basic website maintenance plans!

Taking Maintenance 
One Step Further.

Unlimited Content Updates, if you need a change, update, anything. You'll be taken care of.
Analytics Tracking and Monitoring to keep up with what's working.
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Tracking and Improvements, both on page and off page.
Daily Backups to constantly have a good snapshot of your website incase of emergency.

Maintenance Pricing

Prices are starting at prices and intended for WordPress websites but I will consider other platforms. Please contact me so that we can review your needs and decide if we are a good fit!
Basic Hosting and Technology Maintenance package. For sites who don't need many updates.
Fast Hosting
Backend Upkeep
Security Monitoring and SSL
Weekly Backups
Unlimited Content Updates
Analytics Tracking
Deeper SEO Work
$39 - Message Me
Haus Maintenance Plan
The Premier Haus Maintenance package. For sites with Regular Updates and want to enhance their web success through SEO.
Fast Hosting
Backend Upkeep
Security Monitoring and SSL
Daily Backups
Unlimited Content Updates
Analytics Tracking
Deeper SEO Work and Monitoring
$115 - Message Me

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