Affordable Website Design

Custom Websites made for Making Sales

Why do I need a website?

People are relying on the internet for virtually everything these days. 2020 has made this even more apparent! 30% of consumers won't even consider a business if it doesn't have a website and 75% form an opinion on a business based on its website design alone.

Imagine what a purpose made custom website could do for your business.

Your Success is MY Success!

A website is not just a thing you should have, it's an investment.

I am here to help you utilize the internet to attract new customers or clients and keep your current coming back for more. Using beautiful and easy to digest design that entices website visitors to call, email. sign up for your email list/newsletter, become a member, or purchase a specific item/service you provide. It's all about making the internet work for you, 24/7, even while you're sleeping.

A well designed website not only portrays your business's personality and brand, but it also acts as a funnel for more business. I do this by optimizing your site for search engines to correctly navigate your website and place you in front of the right people.

For example, google requires your website to:

  • Load quickly on all devices, preferably within 3 seconds.
  • Display well on all devices, like cellphones and tablets.
  • Be easily navigated by users and google's robots alike.
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What you can expect in your website

The Design

Beautiful and easily navigated website that users will enjoy. Beautifying the web one site at a time.

Mobile Responsiveness

That means that your website will work on all screens. It's silly in this day and age to not have a mobile responsive website, heck over 50% of users are mobile!


I've got the the need for speed! Less code bloat, optimized, and obsessively tested. Getting you ranked higher on Search Engines. To ensure your speeds stay monitored and optimized make sure that you check out our maintenance plans.


All custom websites have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. I make sure that all of the technical aspects favor what search engines look for when checking your site to rank higher. If you want further search engine help, I have maintenance packages for that as well. SEO is a long game, but well worth it.

The Process


I want to know how your business ticks. Your brand, your core values, your competition. All important in making your website a conversion power-haus.

Design and Develop!

All of the research is then thrown into a magical pot and stirred together to make a winning design. You'll be presented the magic design for any inputs and then we move that baby to the world wide web.


For most projects this shouldn't take much more than a week!

Website Pricing

Each project is custom, and has a its own needs and goals. Because of that you won't find a typical price chart that you would see from other agencies. I want to make sure that each project gets all of the unique attention it deserves.
That being said I can tell you that websites start as low as $249.

Let's Do It, Josh!
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The Big Haus Plan!

The Big Haus plan is the Bentley of website design and maintenance in our Haus. The price of the site is included, unlimited edits, enhanced SEO optimization and monitoring, and we make sure that your website stays with current design trends and doesn't start to look aged!

Big Haus

Website Design Included
Unlimited Content Updates
Enhanced SEO and Monitoring
Daily Backups
Security Monitoring and SSL
Fast Hosting
Kept Up to Date and Maintained

YES! The price of the website design is included in the Big Haus Plan! 

It's Worth Your Money!
All your website needs under one roof.
The Website Haus, LLC
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